About Us

As the owners of the Ashland Mountain House, John and Kathy Loram are happy to welcome guests to this special place. We are now in our ninth year as innkeepers, with twenty years in the area.
John is a veteran of the high tech industry, with a career in computers and instrumen-
tation behind him and two patents to his credit. Kathy is a writer who co-authored a popular psychology book, then turned to technical writing. Once our terrific kids grew up and left home, we were looking for a new adventure and found it here.
With the house renovation complete, John let loose his passion for flying, working as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor. Now he's focused on his homebuilt aircraft, a Q-2 fiberglass 2-place plane he's close to finishing. Kathy's often to be found in the garden, dead-heading and wrangling hoses. We both hope you'll come for a visit.
We would like to thank John Kolsbun for many of the photos, and the Southern Oregon Historical Society for the historical material documenting the early days of the Mountain House.
John and Kathy at the graduation of our youngest child: all four launched!
John's homebuilt Quickie Q2 fiberglass aircraft will soon be flying
John on the road with his BMW motorcycle in Chile in 2011