The original post and beam structure rested on sandstone blocks.

Rebuilding the Structure

Our builders upgraded the original foundation (made of hand-chiseled sandstone blocks), replaced rotted beams and leveled the structure, which listed severely to the rear. Our architect restructured the farmhouse interior, converting nine bedrooms and a single bathroom to three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.
An array of craftsmen reroofed, rewired, and replumbed the farmhouse. The wrap-around porches needed a major overhaul. And with the alumimun siding peeled off, it took the painters many months of sanding, filling and caulking to prepare the surface of the old wooden building.
For close to two years the yard was a sea of tools, materials, and debris and our slow progress was a source of entertainment to our neighbors as they drove by. In retrospect it seems like a daunting effort. But we were fortunate to work with skilled, congenial col-
laborators. Overall , the project was tremendously satisfying and often it was a lot of fun.
For many months the farmhouse stood there stripped and open, with the windows and doors removed.
New porches were built to match the originals, as shown in photographs from the 1880's.
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