November 5, 2013: It is with mixed feelings that we announce the closure of the Ashland Mountain House B&B after nearly 10 years of operation.

What's next?
Kathy is having a wonderful time reconfiguring the house for its new role as a residence and preparing the garden for next spring. Fall garden cleanup is well advanced, some plants moved, and new bulbs are being put in place. The wall between the kitchen and the dining area is coming down and a large walk-in closet will be added to the Russell Room master bedroom.

John is doing a massive cleanup of the workshop and hay barn in preparation for returning to work on his 'project' (which he hopes to have flying next summer) and rehearsing for the fall concert series of the Southern Oregon Concert Band.

And Then?

Update: The Mountain House went on sale on May 1, 2014 and sold two weeks later. We'll be here until September 30th.
John and Kathy Loram, owners and innkeepers
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